Emox was born accidentally and suddenly at Christmastime in 2005, in the mountains of Colorado and New Mexico when Lance and Ann met for the first time.  The contrast between Lance’s deep brooding vocals and the ghostly sweetness of Ann’s voice is the signature piece to the sound. Lance’s dark, psychedelic and often times experimental sound is sometimes compared to early Pink Floyd and The Cure.  The music is consistently haunting and atmospheric.

From the beginning, Emox was getting attention.  Within a couple of months, as soon as a handful of songs were written and recorded, Gothic CD Review asked for an evaluation demo.  Soon after that, Cream of the Crop, an e-zine from the UK asked for a track for the Sarah Dear Sarah! Spacemen Don’t Live On Mars compilation.  With ten tracks done, Emox was ready to put out an album called Shadows and Roses.  With that chapter complete, Emox moved on from the exclusivity of effects heavy electric guitars to other sounds like acoustic guitars and even a vintage electric piano in the easily accessible Cozy.

Now in a partnership with Deka Records, Emox will share their haunting soundscapes with a much larger audience.  The original songs from Shadows and Roses have been remixed and remastered, as well as the newer songs and some previously unrealeased songs to make the anorexic heart the definitive Emox CD.  This CD shares the full range of sad and beautiful worlds the music evokes. 

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